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Top 10 Xie Lian Quotations

top 10 quotations by Xie Lian

Xie Lian is the main protagonist of the novel 'Heaven Official's Blessing'. Once a crown prince of a kingdom, he ascends to godhood but faces multiple banishments due to various circumstances. Despite his misfortunes, Xie Lian remains kind-hearted and optimistic. After 800 years of wandering in the mortal realm and ascending for the third time, he meets Hua Cheng, a powerful ghost king with whom he forms a deep bond. The story follows their adventures, past mysteries, and the profound love they share.

"Even if the entire world forsakes you, I will take you in." Xie Lian

"To me, the past can be washed away, but a person's trust cannot be regained once lost." Xie Lian

"Even if the world is not merciful, I will still be merciful." Xie Lian

"If you kill one person, you need to bury ten. Too much trouble." Xie Lian

"I don't believe in gods. I only believe in myself." Xie Lian

"I have nothing, so I fear nothing." Xie Lian

"Helping others is the source of happiness." Xie Lian

"What use is there in explaining the cause after the effects have already been set into motion?" Xie Lian

"A god should bear their own sins." Xie Lian

"I don't care about how the world sees me. What matters is my own belief." Xie Lian

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