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quotations about America

America has captured the imaginations of people worldwide with its rich history, cultural melting pot, and iconic landmarks. America is a place of innovation, freedom, and boundless possibilities, where people from all walks of life have come together to build a nation that reflects the values of liberty, equality, and pursuit of happiness. In this compilation, we explore the multifaceted aspects of America, presenting a collection of quotes that touch upon its unique charm, achievements, and even some lighthearted observations. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an adventure through the United States of America.

Welcome to a collection of funny quotations about America, where we celebrate the quirks, idiosyncrasies, and humorous aspects of this diverse and dynamic nation. From witty observations about American culture to amusing reflections on the peculiarities of daily life, these quotes offer a lighthearted perspective on the American experience. America is a country that loves to laugh, and in this compilation, we invite you to join us on a journey filled with chuckles, smiles, and perhaps even a few belly laughs.

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." Oscar Wilde (playwright, 1854-1900)

"America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system." Walter Cronkite (broadcast journalist, 1916-2009)

"I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." James Baldwin (American novelist, 1924-87)

"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America." William J. Clinton (US President, 1946-)

"A citizen of America will cross the ocean to fight for democracy, but won't cross the street to vote in a national election." Bill Vaughan (American columnist, 1915-77)

"America is a country of inventors, and the greatest of inventors are the newspaper men." Alexander Graham Bell (scientist and inventor, 1847-1922)

"California is a fine place to live, if you happen to be an orange." Fred Allen (American humorist, 1894-1956)

"Our bombs are incredibly smart. In fact, our bombs are better educated than the average high-school graduate. At least they can find Kuwait." A. Whitney Brown 1952- American comedian

"I had forgotten just how flat and empty [middle America] is. Stand on two phone books almost anywhere in Iowa and you get a view." Bill Bryson (American travel writer, 1951-)

"When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President. I'm beginning to believe it." Clarence Darrow (American lawyer, 1857-1938)

"The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children." Edward VIII (British king, 1894-1972)

I could come back to die, but never, never to live." Henry James (American novelist, 1843-1916)

"The continental United States slopes gently from east to west, with the result that everything with a screw loose rolls into California." John Naughton (Irish academic, 1946-)

"Wherever there is suffering, injustice, and oppression, the Americans will show up, six months late, and bomb the country next to where it's happening." P. J. O'Rourke (American writer, 1947-)

"In the United States there is more space where nobody is than where anybody is. That is what makes America what it is." Gertrude Stein (American writer, 1874-1946)

"In America any boy may become President, and I suppose it's just one of the risks he takes!" Adlai Stevenson (American Democratic politician, 1900-65)

"The land of the dull and the home of the literal." Gore Vidal (American writer, 1925-2012)

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