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Funny Quotations about Apologies and Excuses

quotations about apology and excuses

Welcome to the complex and delicate world of apologies and excuses, where accountability, empathy, and the art of communication intersect. Apologies and excuses are integral parts of human interaction, allowing us to acknowledge our mistakes, take responsibility for our actions, and seek reconciliation. While apologies convey remorse and a genuine desire to make amends, excuses often provide justifications or explanations for our behaviour. In this compilation, we explore the lighter side of apologies and excuses, presenting a collection of funny quotations that touch upon the humorous, relatable, and sometimes absurd aspects of this delicate dance. So, let's put on our humility hats, prepare to laugh, and navigate the intricacies of apologies and excuses with a smile.

Prepare to chuckle as we present a compilation of funny quotations about apologies and excuses. While apologies and excuses are serious matters that involve sincerity and accountability, there are moments of wit, irony, and self-deprecating humor that arise when navigating this delicate terrain. From witty observations on the art of crafting apologies to humorous remarks on the creative excuses we come up with, these quotes offer a lighthearted perspective on the amusing and sometimes comical aspects of expressing remorse or justifying our actions.

"Several excuses are always less convincing than one." Aldous Huxley (English novelist, 1894-1963)

"VERY SORRY CAN'T COME. LIE FOLLOWS BY POST." Lord Charles Beresford (British politician, 1846-1919) message to the Prince of Wales, on being summoned to dine at the eleventh hour

"Excuses are like assholes, Taylor - everybody's got one." Oliver Stone (American film director, 1946-)

"It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them." P. G. Wodehouse (English-born writer, 1881-1975)

"I nearly missed the show tonight. I got to the Underground and saw this sign: 'Dogs must be carried on the escalators.' Took me forty minutes to find one." Harry Worth (English comedian, 1917-89)

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