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Quotations about Appearance


Appearances, both personal and superficial, play a significant role in our daily lives, influencing how we perceive ourselves and others. Whether it's the way we dress, our physical attributes, or the outward image we project, appearances shape our interactions and can impact our sense of identity. In this compilation, we delve into the complex realm of appearances, presenting a collection of quotes that touch upon the superficial, the transformative, and the unexpected moments that arise when judgments are based solely on outward appearances. So, peel back the layers, question the assumptions, and get ready to explore the multifaceted nature of appearances.

Prepare for a journey through the fascinating and often humorous world of appearances. In this collection, we bring you a compilation of funny quotations that shed light on the quirks, contradictions, and unexpected surprises that arise when we judge based on appearances. From witty observations on the illusions created by looks to humorous remarks on the transformative power of fashion and the irony of superficial judgments, these quotes offer a lighthearted perspective on the whimsical and often absurd aspects of appearances.

quotations about appearance

"I was so ugly when I was born, the doctor slapped my mother." Henny Youngman (American comedian, 1906-98)

"It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances." Oscar Wilde (Irish dramatist and poet, 1854-1900)

"I'll tell you what, he doesn't suit daylight, does he?" Anonymous fan of TV presenter Michael Parkinson

"It often means vanity and sometimes drink." Lord Baden-Powell (Founder of the Boy Scout movement, 1857-1941) talking about waxed moustaches

"Don't you recognize me with my clothes on?" Tallulah Bankhead (American actress, 1903-68) to her former lover Lord Alington as he dined with another woman in a restaurant

"I refuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray eyebrows." Janette Barber (American comedian and producer, 1953-)

"She is not so much dressed as richly upholstered." J. M. Barrie (Scottish writer and dramatist, 1860-1937)

"I know I looked awful because my mother phoned and said I looked lovely." Jo Brand (English comedian, 1957-) after getting a makeover on television

"After forty, a woman has to choose between losing her figure or her face. My advice is to keep your face, and stay sitting down." Barbara Cartland (English writer, 1901-2000)

"The most delightful advantage of being bald - one can hear snowflakes." R. G. Daniels (British magistrate, 1916-93)

"A drag queen's like an oil painting: You gotta stand back from it to get the full effect." Harvey Fierstein (American dramatist and actor, 1954-)

"I got into moisturiser when I played football. If you're out in all weathers you have to take care of your face." Vinnie Jones (English footballer and actor, 1965-)

"In Los Angeles everyone has perfect teeth. It's crocodile land." Gwyneth Paltrow (American actress, 1972-)

"It costs a lot of money to look this cheap." Dolly Parton (American singer and songwriter, 1946-)

"A man who can part the Red Sea but apparently not his own hairpiece." Dick Vosburgh (American writer, 1929-2007) talking about actor Charlton Heston

"The Right Hon. was a tubby little chap who looked as if he had been poured into his clothes and had forgotten to say 'When!'" P. G. Wodehouse (English-born writer, 1881-1975)

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