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Quotations about Autobiographies


Welcome to the captivating world of autobiographies, where real-life stories unfold in the words of those who have lived them. Autobiographies offer a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of remarkable individuals, exploring their personal journeys, triumphs, struggles, and insights. From celebrated icons to everyday heroes, these intimate narratives provide a window into the human experience, offering inspiration, reflection, and a deeper understanding of the world. In this compilation, we embark on a literary adventure, showcasing a collection of funny and insightful quotations from various autobiographies. So, grab a cup of tea, settle into a cosy corner, and prepare to be transported as we dive into the extraordinary tales and delightful humour found within the pages of these remarkable life stories.

Laughter meets introspection in this compilation of funny quotations from autobiographies. Autobiographies give us a glimpse into the lives of fascinating individuals, and amidst the personal reflections and profound moments, humour often finds its place. From witty anecdotes and humorous observations to light-hearted recollections, these quotes bring a touch of levity to the genre.

quotations about autobiographies

"I'm writing an unauthorized autobiography." Steven Wright (American comedian, 1955-)

"To write one's memoirs is to speak ill of everybody except oneself." Henri Philippe Petain (French soldier and statesman, 1856-1951)

Of all forms of fiction autobiography is the most *gratuitous.*hilarious.*boring.* Tom Stoppard (British dramatist, 1937-)

"Writing your autobiography is a bit like peeling an onion: there are many layers and you're likely to shed a tear or two along the way." Anon

"I'm writing my autobiography for people who have always wondered what it's like to be an unknown, struggling author." Anon

The key to writing a good autobiography is to have *a terrible memory.*a lot of whiskey.*someone else write it.* Anon

"The hardest part of writing your autobiography is figuring out which embarrassing stories to leave out." Anon

"I tried to write my autobiography, but I kept falling asleep during the boring parts." Anon

"My autobiography is going to be titled 'I'm Not Dead Yet: The Early Years'." Anon

"I'm writing my autobiography in *pencil*the bath*disguise* case I need to make any revisions." Anon

"The best way to ensure that your autobiography is a bestseller is to become famous first." Anon

"I don't have enough material for an autobiography, but I do have plenty of awkward moments for a cringe-worthy memoir." Anon

"An autobiography is an obituary in serial form with the last instalment missing." Quentin Crisp (English writer, 1908-99)

"Autobiography is now as common as *adultery*muck*fiction* and hardly less reprehensible." John Grigg (British writer and journalist, 1924-)

Autobiography – that unrivalled vehicle for telling the truth about other people. Philip Guedalla (British historian, 1889-1944)

"Next to the writer of real estate advertisements, the autobiographer is the most suspect of prose artists." Donal Henahan (American music critic, 1921-2012)

"Every autobiography becomes an absorbing work of fiction, with something of the charm of a cryptogram." H. L. Mencken (American journalist and literary critic, 1880-1956)

"Only when one has lost all *curiosity about the future*their money*sense of hope* has one reached the age to write an autobiography." Evelyn Waugh (English novelist, 1903-66)

"Reformers are always finally neglected, while the memoirs of the frivolous will always eagerly be read." Chips Channon (American-born British Conservative politician, 1897-1958)

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