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Quotations about Champagne


Champagne, often synonymous with luxury and festivity, is a sparkling wine that hails from the eponymous region in northeastern France. Known for its fine craftsmanship, distinctive flavour profile, and elegant presentation, Champagne has become a symbol of joy, success, and special occasions. From toasting milestones and ringing in the New Year to adding a touch of glamour to soirées and celebrations, Champagne brings a sense of effervescence and sophistication to any gathering. In this compilation, we explore the lighter side of Champagne, presenting a collection of funny quotations that touch upon the amusing, whimsical, and sometimes extravagant aspects of this beloved beverage. So, raise your flute, embrace the laughter, and let's embark on a journey filled with sparkling wit and Champagne-fuelled cheer.

Get ready to toast with laughter as we present a compilation of funny quotations about Champagne. While Champagne is often associated with elegance, celebrations, and refined tastes, there are moments of levity, irony, and playful observation that arise when exploring the world of bubbly. From witty remarks on the art of opening a Champagne bottle to humorous reflections on the extravagant lifestyles associated with this prestigious drink, these quotes offer a lighthearted perspective on the whimsical and often comical aspects of Champagne.

quotations about champagne

"Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends." Tom Waits (American musician, 1949-)

"Ever feel like you've had too much Champagne? Me neither." Anon

"I only drink Champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad." Lily Bollinger (French businesswoman, 1899-1977)

"In victory, you deserve Champagne, in defeat, you need it." Anon

"I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not." Coco Chanel (French fashion designer, 1883-1971)

"Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn't everyone?" Noel Coward (English dramatist, 1899-1973)

"The feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef; love is like being enlivened with Champagne." Samuel Johnson (English lexicographer, 1709-84)

"Start the day with a smile and finish it with Champagne." Anon

"Champagne and orange juice is a great drink. The orange improves the Champagne. The Champagne definitely improves the orange." Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021)

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right." Mark Twain (American writer, 1835-1910)

"Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of Champagne; knowing him was like drinking it." Winston Churchill (British Conservative statesman, 1874-1965)

"Wine gives one ideas, whereas Champagne gives one strategies." Roman Payne (American novelist, 1977-)

"Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it." Madame De Pompadour (official chief mistress of King Louis XV, 1721-1764)

"Remember gentlemen, it's not just France we are fighting for, it's Champagne!" Winston Churchill (British Conservative statesman, 1874-1965)

"There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne." Bette Davis (American actress, 1908-89)

"Three be the things I shall never attain: Envy, content, and sufficient Champagne." Dorothy Parker (American critic and humorist, 1893-1967)

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