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Funny Quotations about Cricket

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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that originated in England and has gained popularity around the globe. It is a game that combines athleticism, skill, and teamwork, captivating fans with its strategic battles, thrilling moments, and enduring rivalries. From the iconic Ashes series to the high-energy excitement of Twenty20 matches, cricket has the power to unite nations, ignite passions, and create unforgettable moments. In this compilation, we delve into the lighter side of cricket, presenting a collection of funny quotations that touch upon the amusing, quirky, and sometimes unexpected aspects of this beloved sport. So, grab your bat, embrace the laughter, and let's embark on a journey filled with humor and the spirit of cricket.

Get ready to bowl over with laughter as we present a compilation of funny quotations about cricket. While cricket is often associated with serious matches, intense rivalries, and strategic gameplay, there are moments of levity, irony, and playful observation that arise when exploring the world of this beloved sport. From witty remarks on the idiosyncrasies of cricket terminology to humorous reflections on the comical situations that unfold on the field, these quotes offer a lighthearted perspective on the whimsical and often comical aspects of cricket.

"Cricket is basically baseball on valium." Robin Williams (American actor, 1952-)

"Are you enjoying the game?"
"It's great. When does it start?" Groucho Marx (American film comedian, 1890-1977)

"I bowl so slowly that if I don't like a ball, I can run after it and bring it back" James M. Barrie (Scottish, 1860-1937)

"I can't really say I'm batting badly. I'm not batting long enough to be batting badly." Greg Chappell (Australian cricketer, 1948-)

"Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended." George Bernard Shaw (Irish dramatist, 1856-1950)

"How's the wife and my kids?" Wicket-keeper to a new batsman (common line)

"I just wanted to find out who we were playing." Warwick Armstrong (Australian cricketer, 1879-1947) looking at a newspaper while fielding in the deep

"The last positive thing England did for cricket was to invent it." Ian Chappell (Australian cricketer, 1943-)

"Cricket: a game which the English, not being a spiritual people, have invented in order to give themselves some conception of eternity." Lord Mancroft (British Conservative politician, 1914-87)

"It's a funny kind of month, October. For the really keen cricket fan it's when you discover your wife left you in May." Denis Norden (English humorist, 1922-)

"Personally, I have always looked upon cricket as organized loafing." William Temple (English theologian and archbishop, 1881-1944)

"I need nine wickets from this match, so you buggers had better start drawing straws to see who I don't get." Freddie Trueman (English cricketer, 1931-2006) to the opposing team

"It is called a team game but, in fact, no one is so lonely as a batsman facing a bowler supported by ten fieldsmen and observed by two umpires to ensure that his error does not go unpunished." John Arlott (English journalist and broadcaster, 1914-91)

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