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Quotations about Dance


Dance is a universal language that transcends barriers and cultures, bringing people together and celebrating the beauty of movement. From graceful ballet performances to energetic hip-hop routines, dance encompasses a wide range of styles, each with its own unique flair and artistic expression. It is a form of creative expression that not only entertains but also uplifts, inspires, and allows individuals to connect with their bodies and emotions. In this compilation, we explore the lighter side of dance, presenting a collection of funny quotations that touch upon the amusing, whimsical, and sometimes unexpected aspects of this art form. So, put on your dancing shoes, embrace the laughter, and let's embark on a rhythmic journey filled with joy and the magic of dance.

Get ready to dance with laughter as we present a compilation of funny quotations about dance. While dance is often associated with beauty, grace, and artistic expression, there are moments of levity, irony, and playful observation that arise when exploring the world of rhythmic movements. From witty remarks on dance mishaps to humorous reflections on the quirks of different dance styles and techniques, these quotes offer a lighthearted perspective on the whimsical and often comical aspects of dance.

quotations about dance

"Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire." George Bernard Shaw (Irish dramatist, 1856-1950)

"I tried to dance like no one was watching, but I got arrested for causing a public disturbance." Anon

"Dancing is like a non-verbal conversation between two people. Unless, of course, you're at a club, then it's just a bunch of people trying to look cool." Anon

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than *myself.*you.*the Devil.* Mikhail Baryshnikov (Latvian-American dancer, 1948-)

"I feel that dancing is one of the best things that anyone can do for themselves. Unless, of course, they're uncoordinated, then it's just hilarious." Ellen DeGeneres (American comedian and actress, 1958-)

I can't dance, and I never could dance, but still, I'll never *stop trying.*tell anyone.*be a chef either.* Ginger Rogers (American actress, 1911-1995)

"You should make a point of trying every experience once, excepting incest and folk-dancing." Anon

"The good thing about dancing is that it doesn't matter how good you are, as long as you're having fun. Unless you're on a reality TV show, then you better bring your A-game." Jimmy Fallon (American comedian, 1974-)

I don't know much about dancing, but I do know that you're not supposed to do it with *a broken leg.*your wife.*the President's daughter.* Dave Attell (American comedian, 1965-)

"I can't dance to save my life, but if there was a competition for making awkward faces, I'd be a winner." Chrissy Teigen (American model, 1985-)

"Dancing is wonderful training for girls. It's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it." Christopher Morley (American writer, 1890-1957)

"He waltzes like a Protestant curate." Kate O'Brien (Irish novelist, 1897-1974)

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