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Quotations about Manners


Manners are the social norms and courtesies that govern our interactions with others. They reflect our respect for each other's personal space and dignity, smoothing social interactions and making the world a more pleasant place. Beyond mere etiquette, manners can be a reflection of our values, upbringing, and cultural background. They hold the power to influence impressions, foster positive relationships, and create a harmonious society.

The following collection of quotations offers diverse insights on the concept of manners. Drawn from thinkers, writers, societal leaders, and etiquette experts, these quotations delve into the significance of good manners, the role they play in society, and their enduring importance in our increasingly connected world. They discuss everything from basic politeness and courtesy to the more nuanced aspects of social etiquette and cultural sensitivity.

These witty quotations invite you to reflect on the importance of manners in everyday life, offering a reminder of their role in promoting respect, empathy, and civil dialogue. Whether you're an etiquette enthusiast, a teacher imparting social skills, or simply someone who appreciates the value of good manners, these funny quotations provide thoughtful perspectives on the quiet power of courtesy and civility.

quotations about manners

"Etiquette is the noise you don't make when you are eating soup." Anon

"Manners are especially the need of the plain. The pretty can get away with anything." Evelyn Waugh (English novelist, 1903-66)

"The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any." Fred Astaire (American dancer and actor, 1899-1987)

"The test of good manners is to be patient with the bad ones." Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Andalusian philosopher, circa 1021-1070)

"You can't be truly rude until you understand good manners." Rita Mae Brown (American novelist and poet, 1944-)

"Politeness is half good manners and half good lying." Anon

"Beware of a man with manners." Eudora Welty (American novelist, 19090-2001)

"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." Eric Hoffer (American social philosopher, 1902-1983)

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou (American writer, 1928-)

"To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable." Barry M. Goldwater (American politician, 1909-1998)

"Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential." Will Cuppy (American humorist, 1884-1949)

"Curtsey while you're thinking what to say. It saves time." Lewis Carroll (English writer and logician, 1832-98)

"Vulgarity is the garlic in the salad of charm." Cyril Connolly (English writer, 1903-74)

"Suspect all extraordinary and groundless civilities." Thomas Fuller (English writer and physician, 1654-1734)

"To Americans, English manners are far more frightening than none at all." Randall Jarrell (American poet, 1914-65)

"The bus was so crowded – even the men were standing." Dan Leno (English entertainer, 1860-1904)

"I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them." E. V. Lucas (English journalist, 1868-1938)

"Everyone knows that the real business of a ball is either to look out for a wife, to look after a wife, or to look after somebody else's wife." R. S. Surtees (English journalist, 1805-64)

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