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Funny Quotations about Members of Parliament

quotations about members of parliament

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a thought-provoking expedition into the intriguing world of Members of Parliament. While we often associate politics with gravity and seriousness, it's essential to find moments of levity amidst the debates and decision-making. In this compilation of quotations, we shed light on the lighter side of parliamentary life, offering a glimpse into the wit, humor, and clever observations surrounding these esteemed individuals.

So, join us as we explore a collection of insightful and amusing quotations that will bring a smile to your face, reminding us that even in the realm of politics, a touch of humourcan be both enlightening and refreshing. Get ready to engage your mind and perhaps even crack a smile as we delve into the world of our elected representatives.

"When you come to Parliament on your first day, you wonder how you ever got here. After that, you wonder how the other 263 members got here." John Diefenbaker (Prime Minister of Canada, 1895-1979)

"When I'm in office I always keep Members of Parliament talking. If they stopped they might start thinking." Winston Churchill (British Conservative statesman, 1874-1965)

An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will *stay bought.*inform the authorities.*buy a Rolls Royce.* Simon Cameron (American businessman and politician, 1799-1889)

Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people *talking.*voting.*thinking.* Clement Attlee (British Labour statesman, 1883-1967)

"MPs are like teenagers, they know everything and nothing at the same time." Anon

"An MP's greatest fear is being caught on camera without a script." Anon

"Being an MP is the sort of job all working-class parents want for their children – clean, indoors and no heavy lifting." Diane Abbott (British Labour politician, 1953-)

"Happiness is the constituency in the rear-view mirror." Anon

Being an MP is like being a superhero, but without the *spandex.*fan base.*super or the hero.* Anon

The only safe pleasure for a parliamentarian is a *bag of boiled sweets.*a night in Skegness.*a trip on the London Eye.* Julian Critchley (British Conservative politician and journalist, 1930-2000)

"The occupational hazards are the three As: arrogance, alcoholism, and adultery. If you suffer from only one, it's thought you're doing quite well." Edwina Currie (British Conservative politician, 1946-) offering advice for women MPs

"Being an MP feeds your vanity and *starves*boosts*also your* your self-respect." Matthew Parris (British journalist and former politician, 1949-)

"Under the present circumstances, I would rather be a lap dancer than a woman MP – the hours are better and unruly male members are shown the door." Allison Pearson (Welsh journalist, 1960-)

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