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Quotations about Royalty


Royalty, with its regal pageantry and centuries-old traditions, has held a fascination for people around the world for generations. It encapsulates a unique blend of power, prestige, and responsibility. From the decisions they make to the lives they lead, monarchs and their families often exist at the intersection of public scrutiny and admiration.

The following compilation of funny quotations delves into various facets of royalty. They reflect on the burdens and privileges of royal life, the interplay of tradition and modernity, and the enduring relevance of monarchy in contemporary society. These quotes offer a nuanced exploration of what it means to wear a crown, live under the public eye, and uphold the legacy of one's predecessors. Whether you are intrigued by the history of monarchies, a fan of royal families, or interested in the balance of power and responsibility, these quotations offer an insightful glimpse into the world of royalty.

quotations about royalty

"Everyone likes flattery; and when you come to Royalty you should lay it on with a trowel." Benjamin Disraeli (British Tory statesman and novelist, 1804-81)

"She will have to *walk behind*talk to*play with* the angels – and she won't like that." Edward VII (British king, 1841-1910) having been asked if Queen Victoria would be happy in heaven

"Royalty is the art of getting people to curtsy before you while wearing a ridiculous hat." Anon

"Being a royal is the only job where you can be born into it and still have to work your entire life." Anon

"Royalty is the *gold teeth*tongue*smell* in a country's mouth." Eric Hoffer (American social philosopher, 1902-1983)

"Royalty is a government in which the ruling power is in the hands of an individual who is legally entitled to rule." Walter Bagehot (English economist and essayist, 1826-77)

"Royalty is something you're born into, but leadership is something you earn." Rania Al-Abdullah (Queen Rania of Jordan, 1970-)

"The only true royalty is the respect you command from others." Anon

"Royalty is a well-groomed image that hides the poverty of an empty soul." Anon

"Being royal is not about being better than anyone else. It's about being better than you used to be." Anon

"Royalty is not a job. *It's a calling.*Wait. Yes it is.*It's a hobby.* Prince William (British prince, 1982-)

"Royalty is about leadership, and leadership is about serving others." Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (1971-)

"Royalty means responsibility, and responsibility means action." Prince William (British prince, 1982-)

Royalty is not a privilege. It's a *burden.*real hoot.*privilege with a cherry on top.* Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

"The true test of royalty is how well you treat everyone." Anon

"Royalty is not about being served. It's about serving." Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

I left England when I was four because I found out I could never be *king.*English.*a footballer.* Bob Hope (American comedian, 1903-2003)

"My children are not royal, they just happen to have the Queen as their aunt." Princess Margaret (British princess, 1930-2002)

I declare this thing open – whatever it is. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021)

"The Right Divine of Kings to govern wrong." Alexander Pope (English poet, 1688-1744)

I'm doing pretty well considering. In the past, when anyone left the Royal family they had you *beheaded.*tar and feathered.*for tea.* Sarah, Duchess of York (1959-)

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