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Funny Quotations about Weddings

quotations about weddings

Weddings, often seen as one of the most important days in a person's life, are grand affairs filled with tradition, emotion, and sometimes, a whole lot of chaos. Amid the whirlwind of dresses and tuxedos, vows and toasts, cakes and flowers, there exists a rich vein of humor that adds an essential dose of levity to the proceedings. From the drama of planning the big day to the unique dynamic between the newlyweds, weddings are a goldmine for comedy.

In this collection, we present a series of delightful quotations about weddings that capture the joy, the jitters, and the jests associated with these momentous occasions. From clever observations about the nature of matrimony to witticisms on the trials of wedding planning, these quotes offer a humorous look into the world of "I do's" and beyond. So, brace yourself for a jovial journey through the hilarity of weddings, captured one quotation at a time!

"What are you giving the bride and groom?"
"Oh, about three months." Anon

"Our dog died from licking our wedding picture." Phyllis Diller (American actress, 1917-2012)

"You can always surprise your husband on your anniversary just by mentioning it." Al Schock (American businessman, 1920-2009)

"The Wedding March has a bit of a death march in it." Brian May (English guitarist, 1947-)

"Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage." Zig Ziglar (American author, 1926-2012)

"The chain of wedlock is so heavy that it takes two to carry it – and sometimes three." Heraclitus (Greek philosopher, circa 540 BC-circa 480 BC)

"In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets and throw away the groom." Groucho Marx (American comedian, 1890-1977)

"I'd hate to be next door to her on her wedding night." Peter Ustinov talking about tennis star Monica Seles. (British actor and director, 1921-2004)

"A wedding is a funeral where you smell your own flowers." Eddie Cantor (American comedian, 1892-1964)

"If it were not for the presents, an elopement would be preferable." George Ade (American humorist and dramatist, 1866-1944)

"In olden times sacrifices were made at the altar – a custom which is still continued." Helen Rowland (American writer, 1875-1950)

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